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Bin and Container Service

Scrap Industry

Containers and bins sized to meet your needs



Renting high cost machines for managing scrapsscraps.

Factory Dismantling

Transportation Management

Al-Munif provides lifting equipment, collection bins and metal debris removal.

Connecting with us

Its easier than you dreamed. believe. think.

There are a large number of scrap businesses running all around, but this is somewhere you can trust. We have two branches Al - Badrani warehouse and Al Munif HQ

Backed by over 250 facilities, operations in over 20 countries, 70 highly skilled employees, the future of Al Munif is as bright and secure as at any time in our long history


Our Strategy

Financial management
Human Resources Management
Operation Management
Transportation Management
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We will take care of everything.

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Certified Destruction

Recalled Products

Product and part recalls will typically require complete tracking and proof of destruction.

The nature of our business

Amazing Solutions

Our global reach, our leadership and the commitment of our employees all point to a future of sustainable innovation and growth.

A Look Ahead

Why Us?

Our core business has always been – and remains – the “closed-loop” circular flow of metals and, more recently, of electronics, to continually extract value.

circular economy

Recovering and recycling products

International leader in the transformation of discarded consumer products into valuable secondary resources.

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PO Box 11361 Dammam 31452, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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+966 13 850 5501

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Whenever you need help in scrap service, you dont even have to think.

Steel Mill Services

Our commitment to employees is to create a zero-harm workplace, while being an exemplary member.

Ferrous Scrap

Collection of ferrous scrap in origin with roll on / off equipment, allowing to give daily withdrawal service 24 hours a day. in metal-mechanic, automotive, oil, mining, printing, forging and turnery companies, among others.

Prompt Assistance

The ability to detect and prevent potential issues and locate the source of a problem is a key factor in providing a quick response and a prompt assistance to our customers.

Technician on Your Site

We educate people to prevent downtime by performing the scheduled maintenance at the right time

Tele Diagnostics

All our machines are equipped with a modem that allows our engineers to check each machine’s status from Vezzani’s headquarters.


Demolition under rigorous safety and environmental standards of various types of structures such as tanks, factories, etc.


Al Munif Ware Houses

Scrap iron warehouse. Metal warehouse. Deasil Warehouse